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Garlic Cloves in Brine

Garlic Cloves in Brine

Produced from fresh garlic which has been peeled, washed, cut, salted, sieved and packed. This is an all natural product, containing no additives or preservatives, and may therefore be subject to seasonal color and flavor variations.
Appearance: Free flowing garlic cloves 
Flavor/Odor: Salty, lightly sour, without fresh garlic odor, free from off or objectionable flavors /odors
Additive: Garlic, water, salt, citric acid and acetic acid
Color: Characteristically cream white, not transparent without dark spots
Size: 150-250pcs/kg
Foreign Matter: Free from any foreign bodies i.e, hair, plastic, glass, etc
Salts: 20%-23% or as per customers’ request
Deformed : 3% max
PH: 3.0-4.0
Citric Acid: 0.3%-0.5%  
Acetic Acid: 0.5%-0.8%
Inner package : 50kgs/150kgs/180kgs per plastic bag
Outer package : Plastic drum or wooden case
16MT to 18MT/20FT
Storage Store in room temperature or below, free from toxic chemicals, odors, insect and rodent infestation
24 months in original unopened packaging under recommended storage
Place of Origin: China
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