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GARLIC INGREDIENTS FROM CHINA Tel:86-532-80935996  GARLIC INGREDIENTS FROM CHINA What is Garlic?Garlic is the younger cousin of onion. It’s essence is as popular as any other local ingredient world wide.
Freeze Dried Ingredients
COLORFUL FARM FOOD CO.,LTD CFF(ColorfulfarmFoods) located plants nation wide where we access and select our raw materials elaborately. We process a wide range catalog of vegetables and fruits to fulfi
Freeze dried green peas
Commitment:"Providing wholesome and nutritional foods" is our commitment. With this simple mind, we have gradually grown 5 pure natural planting bases in Shandong, Jiangsu,Yunnan, Shanxi and Tianjin
Freeze dried sweet corn
Freeze dried Sweet Corn Grown in North China's pure and fresh air,planted in the best field of corn, that's why our FD corn is incredibly crunchy and yummy, a special taste of sweet and refreshing.
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